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We want to encourage women to challenge themselves, feel strong in the water and realize that there is nothing they cannot do!


Learning to surf is hugely empowering as it builds community, camaraderie, and confidence.


Creating a global community of female surfers that are stewards of their communities and the environment

About Surf like a Girl

There are many girls in our community who want to try surfing but can't or don't due to lack of access to the beach; and if they can get to the beach then they may not have a board and a wetsuit; and even if they have all that they may still be a little bit nervous about the waves and not knowing how to use the equipment.  All of these barriers, amongst others, keep girls and women out of the lineups. Our mission at Surf like a Girl is to break down the barriers that prevent women from surfing, be they physical, emotional or financial.

you can make a difference

in a young woman's life that starts

with helping her learn to surf