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At Surf Like a Girl we feel getting kids active in the sport of surfing is the perfect compliment to their academic lives and helps to create relationships that will last a lifetime.  If you live in a coastal community you may feel like there are a lot of surfers out there but in actuality, very few people surf.  Some are opposed to surf schools but after school surfing programs that are well run help to educate kids about the ocean around them and surfing etiquette, while building a strong, confident community of surfers.  This incredible balance of creating a strong sense of self while building community is what makes surfing and its loyal tribe so special.    

With the incredible support of our community and people like you, Surf Like a Girl is able to engage and empower an increasing number of girls through the sport of surfing and ocean education.

Your tax deductible contribution directly benefits these girls by providing scholarships to surf camps and after school programs, ocean education, stewardship and mentoring.

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