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who is eligible for financial Assistance?

Residents of the Counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura may apply for financial assistance.  Approval of the application is made on an individual basis.  Applications are judged on merit of essay, financial situation and other supplemental items submitted.

what type of information is required for the application?

• Complete a scholarship application.
• An essay detailing why you want to learn to surf or improve upon your surfing. Please include any relevant ocean-related experiences, what you think surfing would teach you, and why ocean stewardship and environmental protection are important to you. How will surfing make you a stronger, empowered woman?
• Any additional information you think is relevant to why you should receive a scholarship (please note these are not required, but do contribute to your applications scoring so it is highly recommended that you submit some of the following):

  • Income information
  • Awards and merits
  • Other activities and hobbies
  • Letter of recommendation detailing why you should receive a scholarship

WHAT amount can be given?

Full and partial scholarships are awarded based on funds available and merits of each application. Even if your application requests full tuition, the panel may choose to only award a partial scholarship. Partial scholarships are more likely to be awarded due to limited funding.

how do i apply for assistance?

To apply, please email all forms and supporting documents can be submitted by scanning and emailing to scholarships@SurfLikeaGirl.org